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Freediving is the purest way of discovering the underwater world and the truest way of getting to know oneself.


For a few minutes we surrender to the big blue and become one with the ocean. Time stops beneath the surface; we experience the most intimate peace and the greatest adventure at the same time. A dive into the deep is also a dive into ourselves, where we discover completely new emotions and feelings.


The human body adapts to the underwater world in an instant, and entering the unknown is only hindered by fears. It’s here where We come in.

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Our approach is based on Apnea Academy principles

Apnea Academy is a world-renowned school for instruction and research of freediving, based on the freediving philosophy of its founder Umberto Pelizzari. It teaches that all humans possess an innate sensibility for the underwater world. We are all born as freedivers, and with the right knowledge we merely rediscover what is inherently a part of us

"The scuba diver dives to look around,

the FREEDIVER dives to look INSIDE"

Umberto Pelizzari

multiple world record holder in all freediving disciplines,

founder of Apnea Academy


Responsible diving means uncompromisingly looking after ourselves and others, under water and above.


We are bound by a deep friendship and a strong sense of trust, belonging and unity.


The ultimate dive means briefly forgetting about the world above the surface and completely surrendering to the water.


Complete relaxation, feeling safe and trusting the team all create an amazing connection with ourselves and the sea.


Even more important than trusting others is trusting ourselves. We thus learn to listen to our body and mind.


Modern techniques of ear pressure equalization allow divers to reach greater depths.

Inhale Blue is proudly lead by Tadej Černoš, who has been actively engaged in freediving for more than 15 years. His contagious energy and commitment absorb everyone into the underwater world.


More about Tadej and the Inhale Blue team

"Tadej is the perfect freediving instructor,

calm and confident,

strong and full of energy,

knowledgable and professional,

and a LOT of fun!"

Sara Campbell,

multiple world record holder

in freediving

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