Our courses are organized as an active holiday, where you learn everything on the spot. Our approach is completely tailored to your needs and we only work with small groups.


The courses are based on internationally recognized principles of Apnea Academy, where the emphasis is on complete relaxation, safety, trust, and enjoyment. We have plenty of time to get acquainted, to build trust and discuss all your wishes, goals, fears and blockages.


Freediving is our way of life. It might become yours too.

Take a deep breath ...
Apnea Inhale Blue

... and let's dive.


You’re comfortably lying on the water surface, holding the rope and calmly breathing through your snorkel. When you’re ready, you take a deep breath, do a duck dive, and try to correctly position the body. You do a couple of strokes towards the bottom, equalize, and return to the surface. You actively breathe and show the other divers that you're OK.


Before your first dive we take care of safety: you learn all the key rules of safe and responsible freediving.


Your first encounter with the sea takes place in shallow water, where you learn the basics of freediving: how to correctly duck dive and equalize the pressure in your ears.



Mask or swimming goggles, snorkel.



Apnea Inhale Blue

You learn how the human body adapts to underwater conditions. We show you how to listen to bodily sensations, which are usually more reliable than mental chatter.


On land we perform relaxation, stretching and breathing techniques, which help you before, during and after every dive.


In sea you prepare for your dive. You are relaxed, you effectively pull the rope and correctly equalize. You begin to notice the peace and quiet around you. When you feel your limit, you turn around, swim back to surface and breathe deeply. While you await your next run, you watch over your buddies. Your body gets more relaxed with each dive and you easily progress deeper.


FREE IMMERSION - you descend and ascend by pulling the rope. A pleasant and simple technique with which you easily control your speed and equalization.



Mask, snorkel

Apnea Inhale Blue


We advance with progressive relaxation and breathing techniques and additional safety measures for protecting your buddy and yourself, above and below the surface.


You already feel completely relaxed and safe before you enter the water. You learn how to properly weigh down your wetsuit and swim with fins. You carefully watch over your buddy. Trust is mutual. You’re part of a team.


Underwater, you feel inner peace. You glide easily, yet effectively, and slowly adjust to new, unimaginable depths. You equalize regularly. You trust your body and mind, which signal you where and when to stop. You calmly swim back to the surface and carry out the safety protocol. You feel happiness and satisfaction. You want to return.


CONSTANT WEIGHT - the most popular discipline and a favorite for most freedivers. You descend and ascend next to the rope with fins or a monofin.



Mask, snorkel, fins or monofin, wetsuit, weight belt

Apnea Inhale Blue

Freediving is a team sport based on trust; in ourselves and in others.


Although there's often talk about meters of depth, you quickly realize numbers aren’t important. The only depth that counts is that of connection with self and with life. When you achieve complete relaxation, safety and trust, freediving becomes pure joy.


NO LIMITS - the most extreme discipline, known from the movie "The Big Blue".


You and the instructors quickly descend to the desired depth with an underwater sled attached to the rope. There the instructor inflates a balloon on the sled that safely lifts all of you to the surface. Because your body is idle during descent, you can relax and go deeper.


PS: we are the only freediving school in the Adriatic with a NO LIMITS sled.


On the fifth day of Tadej’s beginners course I reached a depth of 26.5m. Before that I was afraid of the open sea, afraid of every fish that was bigger than my wrist and I could not dive to 5 meters if my life depended on it. Tadej, thank you for an incredible feeling of security and serenity. Pure happiness!


Tjaša U., beginner course, Pag 2015

Once the depth has touched your soul, it becomes difficult to resist its call.


In our advanced course you learn to physically and mentally prepare for deep dives, you practice advanced equalization and breathing techniques, as well as train all safety protocols.


A new dimension of relaxation and safety paves the way into the abyss.. With one breath you forget about your human nature and completely surrender to the wondrous world below the surface.


Apnea Inhale Blue

Greater depths require greater focus and refined details. As you dive, your moves are completely smooth to conserve the oxygen in your lungs. At a certain depth you realize that you can stop swimming because you are in free fall. The feeling is indescribable.


As you descend the water pressure increases on your chest, while during the ascend your arms and legs get heavier. At the agreed depth, a safety diver awaits you and accompanies you to the surface. The team watches your every inhale of fresh air and waits for "I'm OK."


You also start practicing new, advanced equalization techniques, such as "mouthfill", where you move air from the lungs into the mouth during the dive ...


CONSTANT WEIGHT WITHOUT FINS - the purest and most demanding freediving discipline, where the only props are your body and your swimming technique.



Mask, snorkel, wetsuit, weight belt, lanyard

Apnea Inhale Blue

You meticulously prepare for deep dives. You stretch the diaphragm, you perform advanced breathing techniques and you remove all external and internal distractions to fully calm down and relax.


You dive with at least two experienced freediving buddies whom you trust unconditionally. Under water your every movement is efficient, yet effective. At the right moment you do a "mouthfill", which helps you equalize until you reach the bottom plate. Once you begin to freefall, you completely surrender to water and gravity. This wonderful meditation is eventually gently interrupted by the lanyard, which indicates that you’re at the end of the rope. Calmly, but firmly you start swimming back to the surface. Because you’re in top shape, you overcome the hardest part of the dive, where body and mind start longing for new supplies of oxygen. The ever brighter water is a sign that you’re close. 3, 2, 1 ... Inhale!


Mask or noseclip, monofin, wetsuit, weight belt, neck weight, lanyard (all equipment is adapted for deep dives).

Apnea Inhale Blue


Good physical and mental condition deserve external validation every now and then. We support ambitions and help develop a competitive spirit.



We thoroughly prepare the most responsible and committed pupils for the instructor exam at Apnea Academy, an internationally recognized freediving school.


Full dedication to freediving means additional training and diligent preparation, as well as a wonderful calling that only few are given.



To some, protecting others is more important than setting personal records. An admirable decision, which we support with a wealth of practical knowledge.

the journey continues ...

I have been a member of Inhale Blue for 4 years. Every year I dive deeper, every new limit is easier to cross than the last one. I don’t quite know how else to explain this, but what definitely helps is that I can completely trust Tadej.


Martin C., Egypt, 2016