Tadej Černoš

Tadej is the head of Inhale Blue. He has been actively exploring the depth of sea and of the human condition for over 15 years. In 2010 he became an instructor at Apnea Academy, a world-renowned freediving school, which provides the most comprehensive education in this field. Its founder Umberto Pelizzari also invited Tadej to join his international team of Apnea Academy teachers who educate new freediving instructors.


Tadej graduated from the Ljubljana Faculty of Sport, co-founded SkiCross Academy, coached Slovenian B team and participated in the Winter Olympics in Vancouver and Sochi. As a personal trainer he helps many athletes achieve greater endurance, motor skills, explosiveness and stamina. He complements his expertise with knowledge of nutrition and sports psychology.


His versatile knowledge of all sports disciplines and in-depth understanding of how the human body works allow him to help each individual achieve the desired results. He believes in a holistic and individualized approach, in mutual trust and responsibility. He overcomes difficulties with laughter and his life energy is a special kind of gravitational force.


Martin Cvikl

Martin is the first generation of freedivers who were trained under Tadej. In 2016, after more than three years of experience and regular training, he passed the international Apnea Academy exam and became a certified freediving instructor.


His dedication to freediving is contagious, as is his determination, which usually inspires results that seemed impossible. Despite his young age, he outranks most people’s maturity and responsibility. He generously shares his passion to improve on advanced breathing and freediving techniques and he never runs out of ideas of how to make a training even more challenging. When not submerged, he dabbles with kundalini yoga.

Tadej opened the door to his home, his heart and the entire ocean ... learning to freedive could not have been easier or more addictive, thanks to him and his amazing circle of friends - opened at this point, we're all practically family! A first-class mentor who always knows when you're ready to let go and enjoy your dive for a moment longer, a strong father-figure who is always there for you when you need to express your fears, a brother who always catches the opportunity to make everybody laugh out loud, a true inspiration with stories like you've never heard before, all in all, the best diving instructor, the perfect diving buddy.



Andrej S., after begginer course of freediving
Pag, 2015