The swimming pool lets you safely discover how your body and mind react in an environment without oxygen. Practice makes perfect.


Our trainings are designed to increase physical and mental strength, expand lung and diaphragm elasticity, improve breathing, swimming, and diving techniques, as well as to practice safety protocols, relaxation and equalization.


Professionally guided apnea trainings are useful for all athletes, because they boost the body’s tolerance to raised CO2 concentration, improve fitness and mental endurance.

Apnea Inhale Blue



- you swim along the bottom of the pool with fins or a monofin.

You relax the body, smoothly and evenly kick the fins, you feel the speed and flow of water on your face. You try to swim as many lengths of the pool.

Apnea Inhale Blue


- you swim along the bottom of the pool without fins.

You let the body calmly glide through water, your movements are powerful, but not jerky, you find your rhythm. You vary the length of your dives, your speed or mid-term breaks.

Apnea Inhale Blue


- you lay on the surface of the pool with our airways submerged in water and hold our breath for as long as possible.

You submerge your face and start to feel your body relax. The flow of toughts take you into a meditative state, which is interrupted by the first signs of discomfort. You try to overcome them and hold a little longer. Time gets an entirely new perspective.


TUESDAY at 20:00

Swimming pool Kodeljevo (balloon), Ljubljana

WEDNESDAY at 15:00

Faculty of Sport, Ljubljana



Swimming pool Kodeljevo (balloon), Ljubljana



1x per week

40 EUR/month

10 EUR/training


2x per week

70 EUR/month

8.7 EUR/training


3x per week

90 EUR/month

7.5 EUR/training


If you don’t attend regularly, you can pay per training.

Price does not include swimming pool entrance. Schedule substitution is not possible.

Special trainings


For those who can’t make it to our regular schedule or prefer to train one-on-one.

We tailor the training to your specific needs, performance, and goals


Children are naturally born apneists.

In the safest possible environment we teach children to relax their thinking mind and to control their body. The training strengthens their heart and lungs, plus, it is super fun


Surfers, joggers, alpinists, climbers, skiers, freeriders, footballers ...

Apnea is proven to improve control of breathing, strengthens the entire body and calms the mind when under pressure

Swimming pool tiles really do have a specific charm :) Whether you’re fighting till that last second in static apnea and time suddenly whizzes by, or whether you’re finning those last 10 meters even though your legs feel like bags of cement ... sure there’s suffering, but afterwards, with the first breath, the whole body overflows with endless joy!


Tjaša and Andrej, 3x per week